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Professional Mold Testing and Mold Inspection Experts. Florida Environmental Hygiene is the first and most important tool in detecting hidden mold issues or conditions, such as previous or current moisture issues, that could be leading to hidden mold growth. Many times, there are water intrusion issues occurring that are hidden from view & can only be detected with special equipment. Florida Environmental Hygiene Corp. can provide a complete visual inspection of the premises to determine if there are conditions that could be leading to microbial growth.

We check all walls for hidden moisture, take temperature & humidity readings throughout the property, pay close attention to the rooms with plumbing such as; bathrooms, kitchens & laundry rooms, along with checking the HVAC system (air handler & ductwork) for visible mold growth. This will help us determine the issue(s) occurring in order to determine the next steps for resolving the problem.

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Professional Mold Testing

Florida Environmental Hygiene Corp. thoroughly evaluates the mold in your home. We collect samples on-site, and send them to a lab to properly identify the strain of fungus and species of mold. Our licensed professionals assess the best course of action for remedying the mold issues, and create an in-depth report customized to your situation. Our staff provides you with a post-remediation report to ensure your home is clear of contaminants, and identifies procedures for preventative measures and quality control.

Mold develops from moisture-rich areas created by leaking pipes or roofs, floods, and collecting condensation. Our licensed and insured professionals assess the water damage.

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, mold can grow and thrive in nearly all different kinds of conditions. If moisture, oxygen, and mold spores are present, mold will develop. Mold can form on pipes, wood, drywall, concrete, and under carpet. Eating away at the material it grows on, mold contamination has the potential to cause serious damage. In addition to varying health conditions, mold can destroy the structural integrity of homes and buildings.

Be sure to perform preventative maintenance and monitor common areas where mold can grow. Mold likes to lurk in basements and cellars, especially after flooding. The areas under sinks, showers, and refrigerators are also prime areas for mold growth. Pipes behind walls, and under carpet and floorboards are areas to look out for as well. Other areas to monitor include leaking windows, HVAC units, attics, crawl spaces, garages, and roofs. Any piles of wet newspapers or cardboard boxes can also house mold.

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